• Image of a Woman hard of hearing with a child
  • Common signs of a hearing loss

    Frequently having to ask people to repeat themselves

    Having trouble hearing in noisy or busy places

    Ringing in the ears

    Misunderstanding conversations

    Finding that people are mumbling

    Avoiding social situations

    Image of hearing aids
  • If any of these sound familiar, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with me as your local Hearing Professional. I will carry out a thorough evaluation of your hearing, and will confirm if you have a hearing loss and what its causes might be. Together, we will determine the correct course of action for you.

    Hearing loss treatment is a simple process that can quickly get you back on track and enjoying life to the fullest.

    Simply complete the form opposite and l will contact you when it is convenient for you.

    The sooner you take this first step, the sooner you can begin your journey back to better hearing.